Freshman Year of High School

When you are leaving the comforts of your middle school, you will wonder about high school classes, friends, and teachers compared to those of middle school. I’ll give you the general information of freshman year.


During freshman year, classes aren’t too much more serious than the classes you took in 8th grade, unless you are taking lots of AP or honors classes. AP stands for advanced placement, and an AP class is basically a college level class that you take in high school. Most people take regular classes because they are similar to the classes they took in middle school and that’s what their friends are taking. I would recommend taking some honors classes. In my experience, regular classes are very garcinia cambogia opinioni because the class moves very slowly and is very repetitive and dull.


If you continue on to the local high school that most people from your middle school went to, you’ll see some of your old friends around high school. But if you’re hoping to make new friends in high school, that’s definitely a possibility too.

Overall Experience

Overall, being a high school freshman is a completely different experience than being a middle school student. That being said, I would rather re-do 8th grade 20 times than re-do a day of freshman year. And I’m sure most people would agree with me. It’s not that being a high schooler is horrible. It’s the small things changing that you and everyone else wish would stay the same, even though you are the ones that are changing it. In high school, people care less about each other, and cling to their fantasies of how life should be. Some people become obsessed with being popular, and try to portray the image of a life that is nothing but fun on social media. Some people stress over grades so much that it is actually bad for their health.


These two extremes are apparent in many people at every high school, and you can notice them both within the first month of freshman year, even though they weren’t nearly as apparent in middle school. I’ve heard a few of my friends say that they would enjoy high school if there weren’t classes. As silly as that sounds, it’s completely true. Although it’s unrealistic, I think if we didn’t have mandatory academic classes (like math and science), everyone would be happier and less stressed out. I think it would actually be fun to come to school and see your friends, not worrying about if you will have a pop quiz second period, homework collected third, and a boring lecture fourth.

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